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                                                                GUIDE FOR STUDYING IN FLORENCE

You can ask for an extension of the study period within one month before the end of your Erasmus. The extension can be up to a period of a total of 12 months, but remember that you have to finish your Erasmus mobility by the end of July. Here is the procedure for extending your mobility: 


  1. fill in the form (click here to dowload ) and send it to your University’s Erasmus coordinator, asking them to sign and stamp it
  2. send it back to us signed and stamped by your Home Institution for our Delegate's signature
  3. please note that forms without the Institution's stamp cannot be processed.

Leaving Florence: check-out

The closing date of your Erasmus in Florence coincides with the date of your last exam, passed or not, or the end date of classes if no exam was taken. In the case of traineeships, the end date of the mobility coincides with the end date of the activity.


1. Before checking out, check on GCS Student Career Management to see whether all examinations have been recorded, fill out the “esami sostenuti” form (pdf ), and submit it to erasmus(AT)


2. To avoid delays in the issuance of the final Transcript of records, while in Florence, check periodically on GCS Student Career Management the transcripts of exams taken. It is important that records are kept, even of failed exams. Hence, it is your responsibility to ask each Professor specifically to record a failed exam if you require so.


3. By submitting the form, you are telling us that you have completed the activities and wish to receive the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records. The International Relations Office will close the mobility and send the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records by email to your home university and in copy to you.


4. You have formally ended your Erasmus mobility period in Florence by checking out. Therefore, you can no longer take exams or other educational activities.


5. The Certification of Stay issued upon arrival and departure is in Unifi format. No other form or declaration will be signed.


6. Make sure to hand in all your library books before you leave Florence. If you forget to do this, you will receive a fine.


Utilities and Facilities


Useful information can be found on these institutional websites


Canteens (click here)

Florentine Civic Museums (click here)

Uni-buddy: chat with UNIFI international students (click here)

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