(B216) Natural resources management for tropical rural development

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* Matriculation Year


The first year of the course includes common courses, while the second year includes two curricula 



                                                                                 Coorte 2021

                                                                                 Coorte 2022

                                                                                 Coorte 2023

 -> curriculum (E29) LAND AND WATER

                                                                                 Coorte 2021

                                                                                 Coorte 2022

                                                                                 Coorte 2023     


Use of free credits

In total 12 free credits (ECTS) can be chosen by the student. This choice is free, though within the limits of the educational objectives of the course of study. The possibilities to account free credits are:

1. Language test (ECTS recognized: 6)

Students are allowed to account free credits, as offered by the LM Course, taking an additional language test among the following: reading comprehension at level B2 of a following languages:

(B013690) Spanish;

(B013692) Portuguese;

(B013686) French;

(B013688) German.

All the language course must be taken the Language Center of the University of Florence (CLA).


NOTE: student must assuming that none of them is part of the Bachelor's Degree career nor student's mother tongue.


2. Attendance and passing a course offered by UNIFI 


3. Participation to activities as educational workshops and seminars considered relevant for job opportunities (recognized credits: 6 and/or 3 for a maximum of 9 credits) 

It is possible to use the free credits to participate to activities with profitable attendance such as educational workshops and seminar cycles proposed and approved by the Degree Course for 3 or 6 ECTS, or to attend a training course for job opportunities (3 or 6 CFU). Student mus be choice between the course "Enhancing Skills for Professional Practice" (B021575)” accounting  3 ECTS and/or "Enhancing Skills for professional practice" (B021576) accounting 6 ECTS.


NOTE: Before starting an individual path, students are invited to contact the Delegates of the study plans of the course in advance by submitting their request in order to be acknowledged in terms of feasibility and ECTS.

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