The School of Agriculture was officially established on 1st March 2013 following the new organisational structure made by the Law of 30 December 2010 and performs functions of coordination and rationalisation of teaching activities provided in 14 courses of study.

The Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (DAGRI) and the Department of Chemistry "U. Schiff" are members of the School.

At the moment, the School has four locations in the Municipality of Florence: the Administrative Office is located in the Palazzina Reale - Piazzale delle Cascine, 18 - Classrooms, Laboratories and Study Areas are located in Via S. Bonaventura, 13 (Quaracchi) and Via Maragliano, 77. Additional classrooms and study spaces are located in the C9 plexus at the Novoli campus.

The educational offer activated consists of 14 study courses, one of these entirely in English, divided into:

     7 First Level Degree Courses
     7 Second Level Degree Courses (MSc)

The academic courses of the School of Agriculture are oriented to make the student aware of the methodologies and tools available for the management of forest, agricultural and urban ecosystems, in the study of climate change, in the production of crops for direct consumption or foods, in the transformation processes of food products.

Moreover, students will be able to understand the importance of the management of protected areas and the fauna present in them, to know the sustainable breeding techniques of the main livestock species, not only to meet the technical requirements of production, but also to ensure food safe and quality, to protect the environment and the landscape, to organise and manage the economic and cultural development of territorial systems.

Students can spend periods abroad, at universities and facilities with whom they have an agreement, in order to pass exams (Erasmus+), write final work of theses and carry out practical and applied training, or have post-graduate work experience (traineeship).

The excellent ratio of lecturers/students makes it possible to assist students from the beginning of the first year and throughout their university life. Students enrolled in the courses coordinated by the School also have space for individual study, including in the Library of Technology Sciences, which has 400.000 volumes, 5.000 journals, scholarly archives and valuable special collections.

Benvenuti ad Agraria!

                                                                                                                                    The President of the School

                                                                                                                                           Prof. Riccardo Bozzi

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