1 – How many mobility calls can I apply for at once?

If the Erasmus for study call, the Non-EU Erasmus call and/or the Erasmus traineeship call are open at the same time, it is possible to apply for both or all three calls and spend a period abroad with all three programs, just not at the same time.
Students can spend a maximum of 12 months abroad during each college degree with the Erasmus for study and/or the Erasmus traineeship program. The non-EU mobility is not included in this calculation.


2 – How are the monthly payments calculated?

The number of months is calculated based on the days actually spent abroad. Months are considered to be 30 days long. If the student spends 4 months and 18 days but the scholarship is 5 months long, the student will have to give back the equivalent of 12 days’ worth of the scholarship to the University of Florence.

The University of Florence suggests using this file calcolatore_periodo_mobilita  for a more precise calculation.


3 – I’m enrolled in the first year of college. Can I apply anyway?

Yes, you can! It’s necessary to enroll in the second year of college (academic year 2024/2025) before leaving and/or according to the deadlines of the Study Manifest (Manifesto degli Studi) for the 2024/2025 academic year. In calculating the merit coefficient, the CFUs earned (registered in the student’s record)  before the 19th of February 2024 will be taken into consideration.


4 – Can I apply if I have just gotten my bachelor’s degree and haven’t yet enrolled in a master course?

Yes, you can, but you must first enroll in the Master’s course because is it necessary to be enrolled in a study course of the University of Florence to log into the TURUL application.  


5 – I’m a Doctorate student. What degree must I declare?

As a Doctorate student, you must declare your Master’s degree. If you are enrolled in a first level Master’s degree, you must declare your Bachelor’s degree.


6 – What are the language requirements?

1. Some partner universities require a language proficiency that is proved by official certifications to be eligible for the mobility. The student must verify this at the webpage The International Relations Service can help with the documents required by the partner university, if needed.
2. The information about the language proficiency required by the partner university refers in general to the course offering, therefore it is essential for the student to verify the language requirements individually for the courses that he/she is planning to include in the Learning Agreement. It is also advisable to pay special attention to the level required. The level must be acquired and certifiable before leaving or by the deadline the partner university indicates.
3. The language proficiency level is not specifically requested, but strongly recommended, when the student applies for the Erasmus call. The University of Florence asks student who apply to have a certificate (or be in one the cases specified by Allegato 2) that attests to a knowledge (even if minimal) of the language required by the partner university, even if the level is lower than the level required by the partner university. To reach the language level required by the partner university, the students who win the call can use Online Linguistic Support (OLS).


7 – Do I have to have a certificate of my language proficiency to apply?

As indicated in the paragraph 5.1 of the call, the knowledge of at least one other language as well as Italian is necessary to apply for a mobility call. Language proficiency for the second language must be declared when the online application (with TURUL) is made.
A self-declaration of knowledge of a second language (and level) implies that:
a) You already possess a language certificate issued by a certified institution (please note that an attendance certificate will not be accepted). The list of recognized certificates is available in Allegato 1 of the call; other certificates may be assessed.


b) You are exempted, according to one of the reasons listed in Allegato 2 (see on question 6, point 3) of the call.

For the purposes of the call, language certificates are accepted even if the validity has expired.

Please note that the upload of the language certificate is not required during the TURUL application, but you must be able to provide the certificate that you declare if asked. If the certificate was released by the CLA (the university’s language center), the check will be automatic.


8 – I don’t have a certificate that proves the level of my knowledge of a second language. Can I apply anyway?

No, you can’t; to apply for an Erasmus program you must have a language certificate or be in one of the cases in Allegato 2 of the call.
To schedule a test, you can contact the CLA (the university’s language center) before the deadline of the call. To obtain an English language certificate, you can take advantage of the agreement between the University of Florence and the British Institute.


9. I have a certificate for a second language, but I don’t yet have the language knowledge (or the correct level) required by the partner university. Can I apply anyway?

Yes, you can; the language knowledge or type of certificate required by partner universities may be acquired before leaving for the mobility or within the deadline (please see Art. 6 of the call).


10 – I don’t have a certificate for the language or the level required by the partner university. Can I apply anyway?

No, you can’t; to apply for an Erasmus program you must have a language certificate or be in one of the cases in Allegato 2 of the call (see on question 6, point 3).
To schedule a test, you can contact the CLA (the university’s language center) before the deadline of the call. To obtain an English language certificate, you can take advantage of the agreement between the University of Florence and the British Institute.


11 – I have more than one certificate for one language. Can I make them all count?

No, you can’t; only the certificate with the highest level will be considered for each language.


12 – Can I spend a period abroad only for thesis research?

Students interested in a mobility for thesis research with a minimum of 3 months stay can contact the International Relations Service. Hardly any universities accept students who don’t enroll in semestral courses for a total of at least 25/30 ECTS. Students who are interested in this option will have to submit a written thesis research project (signed and stamped by their supervisor) for their request to be taken into consideration.


13 – Where can I find the list of partner universities to choose from and indicate in the preferences?

At the webpage you can view the current agreements between the University of Florence and EU partner universities. By using the masks you can select the agreements by nation and/or College. Once you find the agreements that you are interested in, you must mark down and remember the number (link), as i twill be necessary when you choose your destination preferences.


14 – Can I choose a university that is for a different level than my current level?

Students doing their Bachelor’s can only go to partner universities which are of the same level (almost all partners). Students doing their first level Master’s may go to partner universities which offer Master’s degrees, as well as partner universities which only offer Bachelor’s degrees. In the second case, they must choose 3rd or 4th year courses and consult with their tutor for the approval of their Learning Agreement.
In the TURUL application system, I means Bachelor’s degree and II means Master’s degree.


15 – I am currently doing my Doctorate; how can I apply for an Erasmus traineeship?

Doctorate students can also apply within the TURUL system.


16 – Can I participate in the Erasmus+ call after graduating?

No, you can’t; you must be a student until the call closes. If you want to spend a period abroad after graduating, you must participate in the call when you are still a student and spend the mobility period after you graduate.


17 – I need help filling out my L.A.; who can I contact?

The International Relations Service is available for help with filling out your Learning Agreement and other related questions.


18 – I have finished and closed my application, but I would like to make changes. Can I do that?

You can ask the Help Desk in the TURUL application (click here) before the call deadline, with the “Richiedi assistenza” button, asking that your application be reopened. After making the changes, you must close and send the application and the Learning Agreement once more.  
Please note: the Help Desk service will be active until 1 p.m. on the 11th of February 2024.


19 – Can I go to a partner university that indicates a period of 10 months, for just one semester?

Of course you can! The months usually indicate the maximum stay allowed, and it is necessary to verify the actual dates of start and end of the semester on the partner university’s website.


20 – What is the difference between a student who is “VINCITORE” (winner) and “IDONEO” (eligible) in the ranking?

If you are listed as a winner, that means that you have been assigned to a partner university; if you are listed as eligible, you have not been assigned to a partner university.


21 – Can I return to Florence during the mobility period to take an exam?

Yes; you may temporarily return to Florence as long as this does not compromise successfully following the study program specified in Sì. È possibile rientrare temporaneamente a Firenze per sostenere un esame a condizione che questo non comprometta il proficuo svolgimento del programma di studio concordato all’interno del Learning Agreement e avvenga senza oneri a carico dell’Ateneo.


22 – What happens if I don’t pass any exams abroad during the mobility period that I received the scholarship for?

The funds for Erasmus+ mobility programs are linked to studying or other activities done abroad, so if you don’t complete any study activity and doesn’t earn at least 3 CFUs, you must pay back the amount you received for the scholarship. Please note that, to officially complete the activities in your L.A., you must request for the CFUs to be recognized within 30 days of your return, before the 15th of October of the year of the mobility.


23 – How can I give up the mobility period?

In case of grave circumstances, you can give up the Erasmus+ scholarship in any moment, by sending a declaration of motivated renunciation by email to outgoing.erasmus(AT)  and (in Cc) erasmus(AT) and stating name, surname, matriculation number (matricola), course of studies, partner university and reason of withdrawal.  


24 – Can I terminate my mobility period early?

In case of grave circumstances, you can terminate your period abroad early by reporting the reason of withdrawal to the Erasmus office of the College of Agriculture of Florence and the partner University coordinator. You then have to follow the regular procedure for closing the mobility period with the University of Florence and the partner University.
The part of the scholarship relating to the remaining period of mobility must be paid back. For stays shorter than 3 months (90 days), no scholarship will be granted.

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