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The Erasmus+ Teaching Staff mobility allows members of the university staff to spend a period of teaching activity (at least 8 hours of lessons) at a partner university abroad which has an agreement with the University of Florence and the School of Agriculture.

Who can participate?

  • Researchers  (RTDa, RTDb)
  • Associate Professors
  • Ordinary Professors
  • Adjunct Professors



The mobility abroad can last for a period of two days minimum to a maximum of two months, with at least 8 hours of lessons per week.
If the duration is of more than one week, the minimum amount of teaching hours for the extra days must be calculated by dividing the 8 hours by 5 and multiplying by the number of extra days.
At the end of the mobility, the partner university will certify the start and end date and the teaching hours carried out.


Before leaving

So as to allow the School of Agriculture’s International Relations Service to correctly manage the mission, it is necessary to fill out the following documents at least a month before leaving:

  • Authorization Request to complete the mission completed by application (click here)
  • Staff Mobility for Teaching – Mobility Agreement correctly compiled and countersigned by the partner university
    Before leaving a version with a scanned signature will be accepted; at the end of the mobility period the original signed and stamped document will be requested (backdated to before the start of the mobility)
  • Teaching mobility agreement: correctly filled out, signed by the professor and countersigned by the Rector of the University of Florence




Upon returning from the mission

  • Teaching certificate: at the end of the mobility, the partner university will have to issue a certificate of the activities carried out (on letterhead, signed and stamped by the contact person at the partner university). The certificate will have to specify:
  1. Date of start and end of the mission
  2. Dates of the lessons
  3. Teaching hours (at least 8 hours per week)
  4. Lesson subjects
  • Reimbursement for the mission via U-WEB application (click here) **                                                
  • Individual report filled out online after receiving the invite to compilation email that the system will automatically send after receiving the mission accountability.

** under "Il responsabile del progetto di ricerca” you must write the name of the President of the School. 

                                                     For more info, check the UniFi webpage 



The reimbursement ceilings for TRAVEL and ACCOMMODATION will be calculated based on the technical notes in the following PDF (click here).

The staff member can choose whether or not to be receive reimbursement for the travel expenses. If a professor chooses to be reimbursed, the travel must be made the day before the beginning of the teaching period and the day after the end of the teaching period. The two travel days are computed in the duration of the whole mobility and will be considered in the calculation of the individual support. If a professor chooses not to receive the reimbursement, the travel days will not be included in the mobility period.

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