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  • What is it and what does it offer?      

The Erasmus+ Traineeship program offers students the possibility to enrich their personal and professional curriculum with a work experience abroad. The traineeship can be carried out in a public or private institution in one of the participant countries for a period from 2 to 12 months.

The mobility for traineeship can be carried out more or less between the end of August in the year of the Traineeship Call and the end of September of the following year, regardless of the student’s graduation date.

The program is considered to be a formative traineeship and can be recognized as a curricular traineeship according to the rules of the College of Agriculture and the regulations for each study course, following the rules established by the individual teaching facilities.


focus: Insurance during the mobility

From July 1st 2022 students are protected by a free comprehensive accident policy, stipulated by the University of Florence with Zurich Insurance plc, and a policy that covers third-party civil liability stipulated with Generali Italia SpA (excluding welfare activity).

The student is responsible for injuries or sickness outside institutional framework.

Students who spend a mobility period in the EU are covered for healthcare by their Tessera Sanitaria (TEAM), which they must bring.


  • Where can I go?

The Traineeship period can be spent in one of the 28 States that are members of the EU, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and EU candidate States (Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey).

Every year, the University of Agriculture stipulates agreements with public and private institutions that are available to accommodate students or graduates. Students can also find institutions themselves and then make an agreement with a nominative intent letter.



The student should contact institutions well in advance by phone or e-mail to agree on the content, requirements, period of the year and daily schedule of the traineeship, all of which will be written in the Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

Please note: The student is responsible for gathering information about the institution, its field of work, the profiles required and its requirements (language, duration ecc). The institution has the right to accept or deny the student’s application.

The institute will accept or deny the student’s application after an internal selection process.

Lastly, the student must remember to specify that the traineeship will be part of the Erasmus Traineeship Programme.

Click here  to download the nominative intent letter form to be used.


-> Curriculum vitae

It is important to prepare a well-done CV and cover letter in order to get positive feedback from the institution the student wants to spend time at.

Europass Curriculum Vitae (click here) is recognized in the EU and presents the student’s past experience, language, tech skills and soft skills in a simple and clear format.

The CV and cover letter have to be written in the language that the student’s traineeship will be carried out in.


-> Searching for an institution

The student can contact student associations such as AIESEC, ESN, etc. that could provide useful references thanks to their networks.

The student can also use the Erasmus Student Network platform

By signing up and activating the “I’m looking for an internship” option, the student can create a profile and search for the right institution for their traineeship.


-> List of institutions

Click here to see the list of institutions that are available to accommodate students as part of the Erasmus+ Traineeship program with a nominative letter of intent. The list also includes institutions selected by the College’s International Relations Service, however these might not actually have availablity.


  • Who can participate?

Students who are regularly enrolled in a degree program of the School of Agriculture in the University of Florence (or, in case of a master’s degree, students who plan to enroll before leaving for a mobility period). Students who plan to graduate before the start of the traineeship may participate, as long as the traineeship is concluded within 12 months after the student’s graduation and by the 30th of September of the year following the Traineeship call (action KA131).



-> Forms

The forms necessary for the application process are available at the webpage


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