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Confirm of arrival

When you arrive, you must ask the Partner University’s International Relations Office to fill out the “ARRIVAL” part of the “Period of mobility certification” form. Please verify that there aren’t any corrections made by pen (date or name on the form).

You must send the Period of mobility certification to outgoing.erasmus(AT)  within a few days of arrival to receive the first part of your scholarship, as scheduled in the financial contract.

Please note: To receive the first part of the scholarship, you must have sent your correctly filled out and countersigned Learning Agreement (by the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution).


Changes to your Learning Agreement

To make changes to your L.A. (page 2, during the mobility), you must fill out every part of the form. Is it then necessary to:

  • Send it to the President of your Study Course or his/her Delegate for approval; please also attach the copy of your Learning Agreement;
  • Ask the Erasmus delegate at the Partner University to countersign the form;
  • The form signed by the President and the Partner University must be sent to the School’s Erasmus Office, which will have the Erasmus Delegate sign.

You must carefully fill out the last field and state the code and name of the corresponding Italian exam. You must only note changes made to the original Learning Agreement; the courses which you don’t want to change must not be written in the form. Changes that may be made are:

  • Adding a course (write down the new course in the "added component" field);
  • Substituting a course (write down the old course in the "deleted component" field and the new course in "added component");
  • Removing a course (write down the course in the "deleted component" field).


Extending your mobility period

The extension must be requested at least a month before the planned end of the mobility, so as to get authorization from the Partner University. You can only ask for one extension during the mobility period; the total duration cannot exceed 12 months and must end before the 30th of September.

Erasmus extensions are usually always accepted, but scholarship extensions will only be granted if there are residual funds after the end of the Erasmus program (in September).

You must fill out this form (click here), get it signed and stamped by the Partner University and send it to click here


Early return

In case of exceptional circumstances, you may terminate your period abroad by notifying the Partner University’s Coordinator and the School of Agriculture’s Erasmus Office of the reasons of your early return. You must follow the regular procedure for end of mobility at the Partner University and UniFi.

You must give back the remaining part of the scholarship. If the stay lasts less than 3 months (i.e. 90 days), you will not get any financial contribution.


Giving up the mobility

In case of exceptional circumstances, you can give up your Erasmus+ mobility by sending a declaration of motivated renunciation to both Universities. You must include your name and surname, registration number, course of study, Partner University and your reason of renunciation.

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