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The common services for teaching are managed by the School through the STUDENT ACADEMIC CARRER OFFICE.


The student career management is managed by the Educational Services Area through the STUDENT ADMINISTRATION OFFICE.

Student Academic Carrer Office of the School

Educational Offer and Didactit Programming

Coordination of the educational activities foreseen in the Degree Courses coordinated by the School; Updating of the SUA-CdS database (Quality and Administration sections).

Email: scuola(AT)


Knowledge Testing and OFA - web

  • Student verification tests fo the incoming knowledge,
  • Exemptions from the student verification test,
  • Recovery of Additional Educational Obligations (OFA)

TURUL platform


Profincency exams - web

  • Calendar and lecturer digital signature support,
  • Opening and editing of exam sessions

Email: scuola(AT)


Incoming orientation - web

  •  Update, Publication and Dissemination Student Guide,
  •  General information on courses of study,
  •  Appointments for virtual counter with tutors, event management,
  •  Welcome day, Open day


Application for access to Master's Degree Courses - web


Study Plan - web

Presentation and information

Email: agraria.pianidistudio(AT)


Safety training courses for students - web

Email: corsisicurezzastudenti(AT)


ERASMUS+  e Traineeship - web

  •  Procedures for Incoming Students
  •  Procedures for Outgoing Students
  •  Other Study Abroad Opportunities
  •  Acknowledgement of Educational Activities Supported during the Erasmus period

Email: erasmus(AT)


Internships and Traineeships - web

  •  Information and Procedures for the activation of the project
  •  Forms
  •  Update list of affiliated companies

Email: tirocini(AT)


On-line Thesis form - web



Student Administration Office

The Student Administration Office (Novoli) deal with all services concerning the student career of those enrolled in the Study Courses of the Schools of Agriculture, Economics & Management, Law, Political Science; in particular:

  • Registration - GCS
  • First-year admission and enrolments
  • Internal and External transfers
  • Recognition of activities (exams, language certifications, internships)
  • Renunciation of studies
  • Problems related to the student's career
  • Updating of individual study plan
  • Fees and contributions
  • Certifications and Diploma Supplement

Email: segreteriastudenti.novoli(AT)

PEC: presidionovoli(AT)

Contact center: 055 - 275 7650

Active on: MON-TUE-WED from 9.30 to 12.30  and THU from 14.30 to 17.00

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