End of mobility

Certificate of mobility

Before returning and according to the academic calendar of the Partner University, you must ask the International Relations Office of the Partner University to provide you with an original copy of your Certificate of mobility. This must be filled out and signed by the Partner University complete with the DEPARTURE section and without corrections made by pen (date, name).


Transcript of Records

At the end of the Erasmus period, some universities automatically issue your Transcript of Records. If this doesn’t happen, you must ask that this certificate be sent directly to the International Relations Service of the School of Agriculture at erasmus(AT)

It is your responsibility to ascertain that your Transcript of Records be sent to the School of Agriculture (usually, about a month after the end of your mobility.

If you spent a mobility period abroad for your thesis without taking exams, the Transcript of Records will be substituted by the Partner University’s Tutor’s report. A copy must be sent to the International Relations Service and to the thesis advisor.


Procedure to follow with the University of Florence

Sending the documents

Within 15 days of the end of the mobility, you must send the Certificate of mobility form to outgoing.erasmus(AT), so as to officially conclude the mobility period. If you don’t send this document, you will lose the scholarship and the recognition of exams taken.


Exam recognition

Usually, the Transcript of Records will be sent directly to the International Relations Service by the Partner University.

If, instead, the Partner University automatically issues your Transcript of Records, you must send a copy of the following documents to scuola(AT)

  • Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of mobility
  • Exam recognition form (form AGR_06 click here)
  • Request to vary your Study Plan (if applicable - form AGR_02 (click here)

Please note:

  • Exam recognition is only possible for exams previously authorized in your L.A. and featured in your Transcript of Records;
  • All exams must be taken before the end of the mobility period, as stated in your Certificate of mobility period;
  • You must request exam recognition within 30 days of the end of your mobility period;
  • It is inadvisable to plan to graduate in July or September if your mobility period ends in June, or in February if your mobility ends in January, as it is not possible to pressure Partner Universities into issuing certificates of exams taken, sooner than the Erasmus regulation allows (5 weeks).


Exam grades will be converted based of this chart (click here), which was obtained statistically by converting different scoring systems into grades from 1 to 30.


If you spent a mobility period abroad for your thesis, you must sent the signed Tutor’s Report to the International Relations Service.

To be recognized, the President of your Study Course or the Teaching Committee must approve exams within a month of your request.


>> Please take care when considering deadlines connected to planning your graduation. >>

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