Information for students with SLDs

The Specific Learning Disorders (DSA) are an heterogeneous set of disorders that manifest themselves through specific difficulties relating to the learning of skills such as reading, writing and calculating.
They are defined specific because the disorder affects a specific domain of skills in a limited way, leaving intellectual functioning unaltered and having a significant impact on school adaptation and daily life activities.
They are:
Dyslexia, a specific decoding disorder of the written code: affects the ability to read;
Dysgraphia, a specific writing disorder: affects the writing ability relative to the shape of the graphic sign;
Dysorthography, a specific writing disorder: affects the writing ability relating to the spelling rules of the content of a text;
Dyscalculia, a specific calculation disorder: affects the ability to recognize and write numbers, count them and work with them.


The Delegate for the disability of the School is Maria Paola Ponzetta 



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