Educational offer

The educational offer activated for the academic year 2021-2022 consists of 14 study courses, one of which is taught entirely in English, divided as follows:

The academic courses in the School of Agriculture are geared towards making students aware of the methodologies and tools available for the management of forest, agricultural and urban ecosystems, in the study of climate change, in the production of crops for direct consumption or food, and in food processing.

The student will also be able to understand the importance of the management of protected areas and of the fauna present in them, to know the sustainable breeding techniques of the main livestock species, not only to meet the technical requirements of production, but also to ensure safe and quality food, to protect the environment and the landscape, to organise and manage the economic and cultural development of territorial systems.


STUDENT'S POCKET GUIDE a.a. 2022-2023 (click here to download)

(at the moment only in Italian language)

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